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The work series MOVEMENTS deals with the formation of political movements in the post-digital age. What if community is what we feel after waking up in the morning when visiting a social network? In what ways are our bodies and affects involved - and what difference does it make if I meet my fellow peers in an algorithm-based system or on the streets? MOVEMENTS explores the dynamics of political radicalization and asks how a physical movement in the post-digital age can become political - and how we could be both radical and ambivalent at the same time? THE AGENCY creates performative solutions in the form of post-identity political movements.


DESIRES deals with the production, economisation and circulation of emotions. In doing so, the work series places a skeptical focus on the often-evoked emotional authenticity, which can be added to any product as a meaningful ingredient in order to increase sales. But: What if we lose our ability to distinguish between actually perceived and instrumentally used, therefore somehow stimulated feelings? (Axel Honneth, in Eva Illouz' Wa(h)re Gefühle) How can one then distinguish whether a feeling that is produced in the echo chamber or any other algorithm-based system, is now actually felt or stimulated? And what difference would it make if this feeling is authentic or not, if it can be harnessed to stimulate a buying decision, sexual orientation or political radicalization?

Within DESIRES, THE AGENCY is interested in how subjects and groups are shaped by their emotions, and what critical options for action are conceivable when we are emotionally involved in neoliberal logics. THE AGENCY designs experimental arrangements in which emotions and subject compositions can be experienced beyond authenticity.


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