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ASMR yourself

“ASMR is a tingly feeling that starts at the back of your head, goes down to your neck and deep into your spine. It relaxes you by giving you a feeling of pleasure and well-being.“  Maria, ASMR-Artist Gentle Whispering


Pic: Leopold Jonas

In their first work ASMR yourself, THE AGENCY explores the YouTube phenomenon ASMR, which is said to trigger the so-called brain orgasm, and explores the conditions of intimacy, the commercialization of personal attention and the subversive and queer potential of sensual, post-pornographic triggers.


The AGENCY designs a corporation called “ASMR yourself” which offers its customers an ASMR treatment that turns the YouTube phenomenon into a live experience. Embedded in the scent of lavender, customers go through 3 immersive one-on-one situations: Personal lifestyle analysis at the ASMR yourself counter, based on initial psychology consultations, the ASMR sensitivity test, which determines the personal triggers, and the live ASMR treatment, which combines the sensual experiences of a wellness program, alienated intimacy, relaxation techniques and post-pornographic stimulation.

ASMR yourself on Facebook

A production by THE AGENCY.

Supported by Akademie der Künste Berlin​.

ASMR Artists + Tingly Team

Fabian Stumm, Yana Thönnes, Anna Drexler, Lara Scherrieble, Isabella Waldorf, Amanda Bailey, Nicola Heim, Rahel Spöhrer, Christina Ostrowski, Stellan Veloce, Neo Huelcker, Peggy Bigott, Thomas Hauser, Julia Riedler, Katie Dunbar, Mia Sellmann, Carola Schaal

ASMR yourself Business Leader

Victoria Dareen​

Corporate Design

Belle Santos, Magdalena Emmerig

Application Design

Lea Hopp

ASMR sound in cooperation with ASMR Studio Berlin

Sponsored by 



Part of the series DESIRES

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