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Home Away Plus


Pics: Julian Baumann


HOME AWAY+ is the service for the contemporary jet set person: After spending weeks away on a business trip, one would like to find one's own luxurious single apartment somehow "animated". HOME AWAY+ provides a professional caretaker to create this Side Effect Intimacy. This person carefully sets up the traces of the human and thereby develops a very own relationship with the absent inhabitant.


HOME AWAY+ invites two people at a time to visit the HOME AWAY+ LAB, where the silent choreography of a detached intimacy unfolds between the HOME AWAY+ caretaker and the absent resident.

HOME AWAY+ is a production of the Münchner Kammerspiele in the context of X Shared Spaces 2018


Nile Koetting, Johannes Geller



Nile Koetting


Thank you to Maria and Jorg Knorre


Part of the series DESIRES

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