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Quality Time

„It takes years to create a strong connection. It’s a lot of hassle and disappointment. Imagine investing five years with someone and then they break up with you. It’s just easier to schedule two hours per week to interact with an ideal boyfriend. There’s no conflict, no jealousy, no bad habits. Everything is perfect.“ 

Ishii Yuichi, Founder of Family Romance, Tokyo


Pics: Diethild Meier


With "Quality Time" THE AGENCY designs a special service of male care work, inspired by Japanese "Rent-a-friend agencies". "Quality Time" provides your best friend, your father, your son, your boyfriend or your playmate as a rentable performer for an economical 30 minute session. The business model of "Quality Time" questions the role of male caregivers and the potential of other masculinities: What kind of emotions do we desire from these caregivers - and how does recognition, safety or intimacy become a value that can be traded?

A production by THE AGENCY in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds in the frame of Save Your Soul Festival.


Dorian Fabini, Heinrich Horwitz, Daniel Hellmann, Fabian Stumm, Armin Wieser, Pascal Schaefers, THE AGENCY


Nile Koetting​ + Nozomu Matsumoto

Production management

Stefan Nagel

Assistant stage + costume

Angela Ribera


Part of the series DESIRES

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