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Perfect Romance

"In addition to providing a sparkling simulation of the beautiful, soft and dreamy, it is the aim of our Lovers to progressively develop the current scripts of romance." - Perfect Romance Corporation

Pics: Nicole Wytyczak

In Perfect Romance THE AGENCY and the author Leif Randt deal with the settings, images and dramaturgies of "Romantic Love" - ​​and their involvement in neoliberal and patriarchal structures. The study of romance is based on the thesis that it runs according to a normative "script": that the images, dialogues and settings are pre-produced in our heads through cultural and media imprinting and that we try to reenact them relatively desperately in our own love relationships.

The service company "Perfect Romance Corporation", which was created by THE AGENCY as an immersive performance, offers its customers romantic moments in form of a perfect simulation. In its club branches, so-called Lovers, experts of  Romance-Creation work, provide emotional work (emotional labor) on a new level: Viewers are invited to move through the club branch as Perfect Romance clients, witnessing the stories and actions of the Lovers, and have the opportunity to relive individualized romances in one-on-one simulations.

A production by THE AGENCY in collaboration with Münchner Kammerspiele and FFT Düsseldorf. Funded by the City of Munich.


Stacyian Jackson, Malte Sundermann, Lara Scherrieble,

Adela Bravo Sauras, THE AGENCY


with texts by

Leif Randt


Sound Design

Nile Koetting​



Josephin Hanke


Voice over

Mona Vojacek-Koper


​Choreographic Advise

Kimberly Kaviar​


​Construction setting

Ertl und Zull, Florian Westphal


Assistant Director

Lola Fonsèque​


Assistant stage + costume

Josefine Gindorf


Production Management

Sabine Klötzer SISK

Perfect Romance Bot

Leif Randt


Supported by Mach's Gut, Flause, Slyrs, Tilmans Biere, Heinz Kollmer GmbH und Druck und Stick Berlin.


Part of the series DESIRES

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