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Medusa Bionic Rise

“Your body does not make you. Your body makes a society.

What do you wanna transform? Everything.”

The Agency_ Medusa Bionic Rise_021_c_Dav

Pic: David Visnjic

The work "Medusa Bionic Rise" is based on a study of current phenomena of physical and mental self-optimization, which finds its culmination in trans-humanistic visions of the fusion of body and technology. THE AGENCY designs "Medusa Bionic Rise", an underground movement that operates radical optimization in the grey area between self-empowerment and self-restraint. The movement lends itself to the knowledge of global corporations that benefit primarily from new technologies such as artificial intelligence. As an online and offline movement, Medusa Bionic Rise is a draft of a potential resistance in the post-digital age.

The spectators are invited as potential newcomers to attend the actions of the MBR members, the prototypes, and to follow them into a challenge.

A production by THE AGENCY and Treibstoff Theatertage Basel 2017. With friendly support of Münchner Kammerspiele.


Stacyian Jackson, Lara Scherrieble, Jeremy Nedd,

Anastasiia Antonenko, Florian Wolf, Nile Koetting,

Hrefna Hoern Leifsdottir, Boris Gass, Barbara Meyer,

Nina Meyer, THE AGENCY

Sound Design

Nile Koetting​

CGI Animation​

Elisabeth Mayer

Voice over

Mona Vojacek-Koper


Hrefna Hoern Leifsdottir​

Confession Videos

Lea Hopp, Noam Brusilovsky, Mona Vojacek-Koper, Samouil Stoyanov, Marlene Korn, Charlotte Korn,

Johannes Geller

Assistant Director

Leon Wierer/ Lola Fonsèque​


Assistant stage + costume

Ylenia Gortana


Production Management

Sabine Klötzer SISK


Supported by, GoMo Energy, SuddenRush GUARANA

Special Thanks to Leonie Kusterer, Daniel Capellino, Lea Hopp, Simone Weber, Paula-Irene Villa, Martina Taube,

Tristan Dohnt, Ottobock Berlin, Boxclub Basel,

Cecilie Schou Grønbeck


Part of the series MOVEMENTS

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