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Lothringer 13, Munich
09.06.2022 - 03.07.2021

Pic: The Agency


In N U R T U R Æ L the sun is omnipresent. Earth's forests and seas are silted up while beings known and unknown to us try to collaboratively ensure their survival: potential ecosystems of animate objects, no longer human, and animal species practising or unlearning a future existence.

N U R T U R Æ L looks into a not-too-distant future in which the precariousness of survival for various forms of life is once again palpable. How might a poetics of relations with the earth be tested, beyond a centring of the human or the living?


For the Lothringer 13 Halle, THE AGENCY curates a speculative scenario for a possible post-human world, in which collaborative survival, being dependent on one another and caring for one another form the prerequisite for a possible post-human way of being together. Like the desert itself, the exhibition N U R T U R Æ L has hot and cold phases: It will open on 9.06.2022 with a cold phase.


From June 23rd, SOLASTALGIA, the performative installation by THE AGENCY with Challenge Gumbodete, Liina Magnea and Kate Strong will premiere. In SOLASTALGIA, the aridity of the desert forms the backdrop for a ceremony of farewell: between consolation (sōlācium) and -algia (pain, suffering, grief), solastalgia describes the feeling of loss of habitat due to global warming. In SOLASTALGIA, THE AGENCY creates a space of farewell to the centrality of humans in an ecosystem they have destroyed.

A production by THE AGENCY, co-produced by Lothringer 13.

Funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Munich.

Artistic Direction

The Agency


By and with

Challenge Gumbodete, Kate Strong, Liina Magnea, Sofie Luckhardt, Sarah Johanna Theurer, Belle Santos, Yana Thönnes 

Sound Design

Nile Koetting 


Sarah Johanna Theurer 

Artistic Production Management

Sofie Luckhardt 

Technical Director

Amina Nouns 

Assistant Artistic Direction

Veronika Müller-Hauszer

With artistic works by

Sarah Doerfel, Kanako Azuma, Nile Koetting und The Agency

Curated by

The Agency

sand stories - program organized and curated by

Sofie Luckhardt und Sarah Johanna Theurer


To accompany Nurturæl, we invite you to 'sand stories', a series of conversations that precede the exhibition and performance at Lothringer 13 Halle. Starting in January 2022, we will meet online and read current theories on the climate crisis and climate justice and discuss with guests such as Elizabeth A. Povinelli, Kiran Pereira and Caspar Heinemann.

The conversations will be in English, questions and comments in German are welcome.

09.01.2022 6pm Elizabeth A. Povinelli

17.04.2022 6pm Kiran Pereira


In collaboration with glasshouse, THE AGENCY publishes the website, which acts as a digital mood board during the development process. Here THE AGENCY collects their research, inspirations and texts and shares them with the audience to give an insight into the making of SOLASTALGIA.

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