Mater Dolorosa Bleed

In Mater Dolorosa Bleed, THE AGENCY and the ensemble deal with the myths about motherhood, pregnancy and family with a spotlight on a new counter-figure: the surrogate mother.

The history of the Mater Dolorosa Girls School dates back to the 19th century: a disciplinary institution in which young women were trained into the roles of unpaid reproduction workers and wives, assigned to them in the capitalist division of labor. For several decades, however, the Mater Dolorosa has served the M_others as a place of refuge: apart from the nuclear family, the “violators of the parenting norm” are born here, form a queer-feminist DIY underground clinic, a witches' association and exchange practices and knowledge around parenting, pregnancies, abortions, herbal birth control, and self-examinations. This fragile ecosystem suddenly threatens to spiral out of control when one of the m_others comes up with a plan to transform the Mater Dolorosa into a surrogate mother cooperative.

The audience is invited to visit the Mater Dolorosa as novices where they will come into personal contact with the M_others, learn and share knowledge in small groups, observe their rituals and have the choice to join them - M_others of all genders unite!

September 17-27, 2021, Theater Neumarkt Zurich

A production by THE AGENCY with Theater Neumarkt,

FFT Düsseldorf and donaufestival Krems.

Artistic Direction

The Agency


By and with

Susanne Sachsse, Brandy Butler, Yara Bou Nassar, Challenge Gumbodete, Nile Koetting, Jakob Leo Stark, Belle Santos, Sofie Luckhardt, Yana Thönnes, Alma Ehrenbaum, Benjamin Bubica


Sound Design

Nile Koetting 



Adam Kaplan


Co-conception and Artistic Research

Magdalena Emmerig, Rahel Spöhrer

Künstlerische Produktionsleitung

Sofie Luckhardt 



Tine Milz 


Assistenz Regie

Kenza Nessaf 


Hospitanz Regie

Nina Vedova


Assistenz Ausstattung

Lea Niedermeier und Jana Brändle 


Hospitanz Ausstattung

Veronika Müller-Hauszer

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Pic: The Agency

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